Support Our Teens! Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

Magnificent Mile Teen President Jordan Williams

The Magnificent Mile Chapter Teens are hosting their first fundraiser and it runs through January 19, 2021, 5pm.

As President Jordan said in this VIDEO, we need YOU!! We’d love for you to not only make a purchase but also rally up friends and family for additional efforts and ask them to share the link with those in their network as well. The Teen Foundation Committee set a goal for each teen to sell $1,000 in popcorn sales. 1/3 of the proceeds will go to the JJOA Foundation, 1/3 to a local community organization and 1/3 toward seed money for future fundraisers.

Their goal is lofty, but I know with everyone’s participation, it can be achieved!!!

Here are the links to the teen Pop Up Shops:

Allison Commodore
Asha Wright
Caitlin Johnson
Chasen Cage
Christian Ikediobi
Jordan Williams
Kaden Buford
Kendall Woodberry
Leila Battiste
Madison Griggs
Malcolm Mason
Marin Jamason Waller
Maya Lambert
Michael Cobbins
Narobi Coffey
Nia Lambert
Nyah Thurman
Nyla Williams

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